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Cyber Security

This is a blog about cyber security, python programming, networking, forensics, ethical hacking and malware science.

  • Per VLAN Spanning Tree demonstration

    Per VLAN Spanning Tree demonstration

    Spanning Tree In computer networks, STP plays a crucial role in maintaining a loop-free and efficient communication path. By preventing redundant links and loops, STP ensures stable and reliable network connectivity. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive explanation of the Spanning Tree Protocol, its key features, and its significance in network infrastructure. The… Read More »Per VLAN Spanning Tree demonstration

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  • DHCP Relay

    DHCP Relay

    The purpose of a DHCP relay is to enable the distribution of IP addresses and configuration information from a centralized DHCP server to client devices located on different subnet or VLAN. It acts as an intermediary between the DHCP client and server, forwarding DHCP messages between them. This intermediary device is called Relay Agent. In… Read More »DHCP Relay

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  • Border Gateway Protocol

    Border Gateway Protocol

    This post will be about BGP. I find BGP quite fascinating because it is the only Exterior Gateway Protocol we use today. BGP in networking is based on TCP/IP. It operates on the OSI Transport Layer to control the Network Layer as specified on Techtarget but there are some discussions on the internet it sits… Read More »Border Gateway Protocol

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