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ISP service technician work

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I worked for ISP company in Czech Republic. I was connecting people’s houses and apartments to the internet, mostly using wireless antennas i was installing on the roofs. Then i layed a cable and spread wireless signal in the house. Majority of installations and repairments were in south and east Central Bohemian Region in Czhechia so i was working in houses most of the time, easy to park and i loved working on the roof. I often got lucky and people had an amazing view from the roof. Imagine there is warm summer, you are on the roof and there is this amazing view to the foresty landscape and you are mounting the Nanostation AC to the mast and making a CAT5 UTP connector with crimping tool.

The vendor we were using was Ubuiquity most of the times but there was a lot of Mikrotik antennas as well. SOHO routers were TP-link, classic ones, nothing special about them, WR-841 was the cheapest and mostly used.